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VR and Augmented Reality Will Soon Be Worth $150 Billion.
Here Are The Major Players

Together, virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to generate about $150 billion in revenue by the year 2020.

Of that staggering sum, according to data published today by Manatt Digital Media, and originally sourced from Digi-Capital, $120 billion is likely to come from sales of augmented reality—with the lion’s share comprised of hardware, commerce, data, voice services, and film and TV projects—and $30 billion from virtual reality, mainly from games and hardware.

The report suggests that the major VR and AR areas that will be generating revenue fall into one of three categories: Content (gaming, film and TV, health care, education, and social); hardware and distribution (headsets, input devices like handheld controllers, graphics cards, video capture technologies, and online marketplaces); and software platforms and delivery services (content creation tools, capture, production, and delivery software, video game engines, analytics, file hosting and compression tools, and B2B and enterprise uses).

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